Holiday Tablescapes with Caitlin Lavender

With the holidays in full swing, dinner parties are here! Well, kind of. While celebrations may be a little different this year, that doesn’t mean they have to be any less festive. Trees are decorated, wreaths are hung, lights are up, but what about the dinner table? That’s where Caitlin Lavender, senior event planner and design coordinator for True Event, comes in.

Caitlin Lavender and her daughter

If you’ve seen our latest table mats + place mats you’ve actually seen her work! She designed all of our tablescapes.

One of our fabulous photographers Victoria Gloria asked Caitlin and her daughter to model our newest Roam Free Play Mat ® in Cinnamon (photo above). With the pandemic canceling many of Caitlin’s events, she offered to work with us for our new table mat + place mat debut! 

Lucky for us, she offered up some tips to share with you! 

 Hi, Caitlin! First, where are you from? 

I grew up in Guilford, CT but now live in Old Saybrook, CT with my husband Zach, 10-month daughter Matilda, and black lab Olive! 

How did you first get into designing tablescapes?

I had helped a good family friend set up her wedding tablescape over 10 years ago. After helping her, I decided to pursue event design and planning and landed an amazing position at True Event. The most exciting part of my job is designing the tablescapes because it gives me the chance to depict my couples through each little detail. 

What is a must-have on every table?

Fresh flowers!!! 

Why do you think it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing table set-up?

Everyone loves gathering around the table for cocktails, appetizers, or dinner. Setting the tone with a beautiful pleasing tablescape helps set the stage for an exciting evening! 

How do you strike the right balance without going “over the top”?

Less is more! No one likes to be sitting at a table with too much stuff where you can’t even grab a glass or utensil or see the person across from you. 

 What is your personal favorite tablescape that you’ve created?

Oh gosh, so many, but creating my wedding tablescapes gives me the chance to add personal touches and pops of color that make people walk into the reception and say “wow”! 

Where are your favorite places to shop for table decor?

I shop at Terrain or Etsy to find handmade items! 

Any other design tips or tricks? 

By adding personal touches, it always makes it special, such as handwriting place cards or a seasonal herb or flower!

You can follow Caitlin and view more of her work here:

Instagram: @trueevent @caitlincamplavender

Facebook: True Event


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