Little Nomad Goes to Boston

We were so excited when Jessica Runnals, Owner of the South End's Little Lovage Club asked us about putting a play mat in her children's event and play space in Boston. 

Little Lovage Club offers classes, events and workshops for Boston families. It's a one stop shop for everything you need whether you are pregnant with your first baby or onto your 4th. In our opinion, it's the best spot for birthday parties and events in the area - hands-down - curating the chic decor, lots of natural light, and amazing entertainment for your little ones.

Kids Playing at LLC

Boy at Little Lovage Club

The folks at LLC pride themselves on having a community of families within Boston that can seek comfort within the LLC space.  It's like their own little LNtribe in their area - we love that! We hope our play mats add some warmth to their space - whether its comforting newborns lying down during their "Newbies" class or providing a soft spot for a pregnant mama-to-be.

If you have your own event space and want to learn more about adding Roam Free play mats, feel free to reach out to us! We want to help make your space as stylish and functional as possible.

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