2020 Small Business Saturday Gift Guide

This year more than ever we’ve all realized the importance of shopping small and supporting local businesses. So hop off of Amazon and check out these small businesses this holiday season. All the items below are from small, independent brands that I just love!

These trending and personal gift ideas are sure to be a hit for everyone on your list:


  1. Second Wind Face Mask - The year 2020 has brought us a new fashion accessory: face masks! Second Wind offers beautiful, trendy masks that are handmade in NYC. Need another reason to buy? This small business is woman-owned.

  1. Golden Coil Custom Planner - For the organization freak in your life...or someone who might need some help with that. Golden Coil offers customizable planners that allow you to choose the cover, contacts, layout, calendar dates, events, etc.! Perfect for anyone and they come in the cutest colors!

  1. Still Novel Art Prints - Upgrade from the usual framed photo to something that really takes them on a trip down memory lane. These prints, specifically made for wedding, birth, and travel photos, include personalized summaries and combine beautiful minimalistic graphics with your favorite memories. Make room on that wall!

  1. Nama Standing Desk Mat - So you started working from home and thought you’d try a standing desk… but realized your feet and back just weren't ready yet? Our very own Nama Standing Desk Mat will provide you with the perfect amount of cushion to get you through the work day.

  1. The Bouqs Co. Subscription - Who doesn’t love getting flowers? The Bouqs Co. offers a subscription service that allows you to receive flowers on a regular schedule as you choose. All their flowers are sourced from sustainable farms to minimize waste, recycle water, and protect workers’ well-being. This ensures bouquets that are fresher and last longer than your run-of-the-mill grocery store flowers.

  1. Custom Cartoon Portrait - Another personal favorite! I came across this listing on Etsy and immediately ordered it for my dad. Our family drawn in the style of the show Bob’s Burgers. You can select the amount of people portrayed, describe what everyone is doing and wearing, and send in photos for the cartoons to be based off of. Nora (the artist) also offers portraits drawn in the style of many other shows!

  1. Boy Smells Candle - I’m a scent person. I love candles, perfume, room sprays, anything of the sort. So when I say that this is the best brand of candles I’ve tried out, I mean it. These candles burn with a strong aroma and come in the most unique scents. My personal favorite: Slow Burn- a collab with country artist Kacey Musgraves. This brand is a large advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and hand pours all candles in Los Angeles.

  1. Healthy is the Way Subscription - Healthy is the Way is a meal service that is local to West Hartford, CT (the home of the House of Noa). This service prepares “homemade” meals using real chefs! Customers can customize their preferences as to how often meals come, how many people to cook for, what kinds of ingredients, etc. This is the perfect gift for the busy parent or anyone who just is tired of burning their food. 

  1. Thin Wild Mercury Perfume - A perfume brand inspired by and made in Los Angeles. These aromas encapsulate the retro feel of the 1960s and 70s with scents such as “Whisky, 1969” and “Laurel Canyon, 1966”. Definitely an up-and-coming brand to keep an eye out for!

  1. the House of Noa Play Mats - This play mat is the perfect gift for new parents. Don’t settle for those primary colors from the 90s. This mat is designed to look just like a carpet. It comes in so many neutral tones, there’s bound to be one that fits in with your home. Besides aesthetics, these foam mats help protect your baby during trips and tumbles. 

  1. ATL Boards - A fun gift for the kids (or the sweet tooth) of the family. Elizabeth Schmitt has creatively redesigned the charcuterie board into a colorful array of sweet candies. There’s a board to suit everyone’s preferences!

  1. Kelly Bello Designs Mommy + Me Bracelets - Want a memorable gift that isn’t cheesy? These matching mommy + me enamel heart bracelets are simplistic but special. Definitely not something your kid will be embarrassed about (ex. Matching footie pajamas). If matching isn’t your thing, they also carry a kids collection with mini initial necklaces and more. 

  1. Jellio Gummi Lights - Recognize these? If you were ever tuned into the show iCarly on Nickelodeon, you’d instantly know these cute gummy bear lamps were placed around Carly’s bedroom set. A must-have for any age! Handcrafted in Brooklyn. 

  1. Sleeper Linen Lounge Suit - The cutest lounge wear that you won’t be afraid to show off on your Zoom call. Sophisticated yet girly, this is the set of your dreams. Sleeper also carries sizeless silk pajamas and dresses for any occasion!

  1. Spaghettimeatballs Thankful AF Cards - Some fun thank you notes for after the gifts are passed around (virtually)! These cards are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

  1. Sophie and Lili Custom Watercolor Portrait - A beautiful memory artistically turned into cute watercolor characters! These paintings are an amazing gift for any family member and would stand out in a nursery or family room. Hand-illustrated by Jennifer Vallez.