All of our play mats are comprised of deluxe 2ft x 2ft tiles which each include edging bonders for a truly rug-like look. The tiles are super easy to assemble and come in a range of sizes to fit your play space perfectly. Each one is thoughtfully designed to connect seamlessly, and you can always add more tiles to expand and change with you and your family! (Pro tip: Because of our flexible puzzle-piece design, multiple play mats can be connected to create a different size than what's listed.)

Play mats are designed modularly to fit a variety of sizes and spaces. All of our prints are hand-illustrated and there may be some areas where pattern alignment is varied - just like art in real life, we embrace the imperfections!

Looking for more information on how to care for your play mat? Check out our care guide.

Use for Emile, Fawn, Nalla, and Starlight

Use for Emile, Fawn, Nalla, and Starlight

close up view of the apollo pepper black and white spotted play mat with baby playing with colorful blocks