Personal Family Puzzle

Here's a game night refresher for you! My kids were growing tired of Uno and Memory, but I noticed they were going nuts for puzzles! I looked online for new puzzles to add to our collection and came across.... custom puzzles!

Here's what you have to do to make your own custom puzzle:

Step One: Pick a Photo

Scroll through your phone or desktop to find your favorite family pics - I picked one from one of our camping trips this summer. "Favorite" the pictures you like so you'll have them ready for our next step.

Note: I chose a photo that would make an easy puzzle (my kids are still little), but if you want to make this a bit more challenging, try something with a lot of repeating patterns like leafy trees, the ocean, or a photo with a lot of sky + clouds.

Step Two: Select your Puzzle

There are a few custom puzzle sites out there but I decided to create my custom puzzle on You can click here to access their puzzle builder or just look under "Gifts"  and then "Puzzles". 

We chose the "Photo Gallery Kids Puzzle" with 30 pieces (again - young kids so trying to keep it easy over here!).

If you're looking for something more challenging use the sorting feature to the left to choose more pieces and how many photos you'd like to include - there are so many options!

Step Three: Family Puzzle Night!

It took about a week for our puzzle to arrive but it was so worth it! When it arrived in the mail the kids were blown away. This is something the kids keep taking out on their own (a huge win in my book) and of course, they always set up on our foam play mat which offers a bit more comfort and support than our thinner 'scratchy' rug. 

Looking for your own soft place to set up a puzzle night? Our beautiful Roam Free Play Mats are here to save your hands and knees! We love our Cinnamon Mat (shown above) but you can find more colors and sizes here!