More Fun, Less Stuff

Spending time on the road with our family camping we quickly realized how little "stuff" it takes to have a really good time! Here are five super simple family activities we will continue to do, even now that we're back home. 

1) Sunrise Breakfasts

It literally happens every day but when was the last time you woke up to watch the sunrise? Our children were in awe watching the sun emerge over the horizon from Cadillac Mountain in Maine, to Scusset Beach in Cape Cod. Feeling extra ambitious? Pack a breakfast picnic to enjoy from the trunk of your car!  

2) Nature Chats

Prior to the global shut down we spent far less time in nature. Going on nature hikes or long walks with small children sparks so many questions and leads to surprisingly interesting family conversations. Additional bonus after a long day of hiking? Bed time is a cinch. Just don't forget to bring a great carrier if you have a little one. 

3) Jenga

Our kids never seem to get tired of this classic simple game. Why I love it? If you lose a few pieces (which you inevitably will), the game still works. Hooray!

4) Bonfires 

Something as simple as gathering sticks for our bonfire each night became an ongoing contest between our children for who could find the best or most kindling to watch burn. The solo stove makes it super easy to create a a smokeless, portable fire pit wherever you go - even in your own backyard.  

5) Playing Cards 

Whether playing a classic game of Uno or an update on an oldie such as Bold Made, card games are surprisingly fun for young children and sincerely not that bad for grown ups either (just add wine).


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