How to Host Your Own Music Class

We had the best time hosting our very first event at the new LNHQ the other weekend! The Whitney Grove band played some tunes that were not only perfect for the little ones but were enjoyed by all the adults too (bonus!) It was the perfect Saturday morning jam sesh. 

So, we thought we might share some fun tips on how YOU can host your own music class or jam sesh-

Step 1: Pick a location - aka bribe a friend with a really awesome living room or backyard (coffee or cocktails are an added bonus).

Step 2: Find a local guitarist or musician (that's what social media is for, right?). Or maybe you know an old friend who used to play in a band?

Step 3: Ask your parent-friends and kids' favorite buddies to join you. Maybe get everyone to pitch in a few dollars for your awesome, local, artist (babysitter).

Step 4: Remind the band to play lots of fun, sing-a-long, kids songs, as well as any classics. A big hit at our dance party was "Twist and Shout!" Bring instruments such as egg shakers, tambourines, and drums.

Step 5: Rotate locations each week amongst your friends and make it a regular music-share get-together.  Any excuse for a DANCE PARTY, right?!

It doesn't hurt to host the dance party on our of our awesome mats too! It's perfect for all things twisting and shouting! We can't wait for many more dance parties at the LNHQ!