5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Own Baby Photography

We all love the idea of a formal "photoshoot" with a professional photographer (it should be done at least once a year in my opinion!) BUT there is no reason you can't set up your own little mini photoshoot at home (with your Roam Free mat as the back drop, of course!). 

We've teamed up with Anne Miller, who is a fabulous lifestyle Photographer here in Connecticut. She's giving us the lowdown on how to take your own photos at home using your Roam Free play mat.

Little Nomad Photoshoot - Start with a great backdrop

1. Start with a Great Backdrop

"I love encouraging the families I work with to think about a special place of meaning to act as the backdrop for their photographs and is the reason I love photographing families in their own homes.  A meaningful location for your photographs will help tell your family's story for years to come.  In this case, you already have this part covered being in the comfort of your home and using your play mat."

Little Nomad Photoshoot - Find beautiful natural light

2. Find Beautiful Natural Light

"As a natural light photographer, the first thing I look for upon entering families homes is bright, natural light coming in.  Look for a room that fills up with gorgeous natural light and plan on photographing in the mid-morning to early afternoon, if possible, as the light is best for indoors at that time of day.  Go ahead and open up the blinds, lift the shades and let that cheerful light shine in!"

Little Nomad Photoshoot - Prepare your space

3. Prepare the Space

"Take a look around the room you have chosen and be on the lookout for any items or decorations that may distract from your baby and the picture.  I recommend trying to keep the space clean with minimal toys and/or stuffed animals to ensure your eye is only drawn to your little one."

Little Nomad Photoshoot - What to wear

4. Choosing Outfits

"I work directly with my mothers leading up to their maternity, newborn or family portrait sessions to thoughtfully assist in selecting their session wardrobe.  My motto is less is more and simplicity is best.  I like to suggest sticking to a neutral color palette such as ivory, creams, pastels, grays or navy as those colors photograph beautifully.  I also like to recommend trying to avoid patterns, stripes, or bright colors such as hot pink, neon greens as those colors tend to reflect onto the skin.  Sitting or lying your baby down on their play mat wearing something simple will create a beautiful photograph."

Little Nomad Photoshoot - Time to create!

5. Time to Create!

"Now that everything looks great and your baby is playing or resting comfortably on their mat, it's time to capture their beautiful personality!  Without getting too technical about lighting, look to position your baby facing towards the window so their face catches that gorgeous natural light.  Have them play with a few simple toys like these wooden blocks and this beautiful linen sachetto bag from Signora e Mare that I have on hand for all of my portrait sessions to add extra visual detail and texture to your image."

Little Nomad Photoshoot - Set the mood

6. Set the Mood 

"I love doing all I can to ensure my portrait sessions are relaxed and interactive for everyone to enjoy this special family time together.  The lasting memory of the session itself is just as meaningful as your tangible family heirlooms.  If music is relaxing, play your baby's favorite lullaby, sing along while taking the pictures and create a fun atmosphere for you both.  Instantly, your Roam Free play mat will become a special part of this experience."