Easy iPhone Valentines!

If you are anything like me, Valentine's Day creeps up way too fast after the holidays making me wildly unprepared. So when I discovered I could make Valentines Day cards using only my iPhone camera, I was sold!

I used to think it was just easier to order pre-made Valentines from one of the bigger stores (they've come a long way since I was little) but then I discovered Social Print Studio.

Using the Social Print Studio App, I was able to upload a cute photo of my daughter, add some text using one of my photo apps and order 48 mini prints for only $15! It gives me enough prints for her whole class plus some for family and friends outside school. She can decorate the back with stickers or a drawing and write her name and it's done! I love how personal it is and how quickly it can all get done. I swear from start to finish it took me maybe 30 minutes (including checking out, etc...)

If you are like me and waited TOO long, head on over and create a quick Valentine. Social Print Studio is offering 15% off until January 31st. You'll need to order by then anyways in order to get them in time for Valentine's Day. Use code BIG-ROMANCE.

I think they're adorable and SO perfect for a cute Valentine's Day card!

 I also love the idea of maybe taping a cute lollipop on the back too but most schools, like ours, aren't allowing kids to bring in treats so we skipped that this time around.


*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own. 

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