LN Spotlight: Rachel Ulman

Each month we feature an awesome LNTribe member on the blog.

Meet, Rachel Ulman.

Where do you live? 
Miami, FL in a Townhouse.

What do you do professionally?
I am a Visual Stylist at Nordstrom and am also starting a website of my handmade children's decor and accessories.

Can you share your children's names and ages?
I have two children:
Ze'ev Jagger (4 yo)
Talia Mercury (14 mo)

How would you describe your style?
Eclectic Bohemian

Where is your Little Nomad play mat in your home?

Our Little Nomad play mat is in Talia's room (my favorite room in our home).

What are three of your favorite nursery/playroom/decor pieces that share a room with your Little Nomad play mat?

1. Her gold branch clothing rack that I custom made for her.
2. The sheep rocking horse that was passed on to her from big brother.
3. The rug in front of her crib was one of the first pieces my husband and I bought for our home after we married. It has sentimental value to me and felt like the perfect piece to give her. Plus it goes so perfectly with our Little Nomad play mat.

What has been the most challenging aspect of decorating your space? What about the most fun?

Most challenging:
Her room is on the smaller side and an entire wall is actually these wood pocket doors so it was hard to decide what to do with them. I made a dried lavender garland for her before she was born and it's still hanging there. I used to sit in there for hours just imagining meeting her for the first time and smelling the lavender.

Most fun:
I'm not necessarily the girly type but I must admit I loved decorating for a girl this time. From her wall hangings, clothing rack, and bow hangers I made for her- everything was hand crafted and a fun mix of new pieces plus hand me downs from her brother.

Where was the last place you traveled?
We just returned from Brooklyn/NYC where we were visiting family for the Holidays. It's always a blast to get everyone together and explore the City.

We love meeting our Little Nomad Tribe Members! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Rachel!






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