LN Gift Guide 2017

This year we decided to put together a gift guide for the upcoming holiday season. Here are some of OUR favorite things for the little ones! Happy Shopping!

Gift Guide Items

1. Sunography Fabric Kit
2. Tulle Dress-Up Capsule
3. Swan Nightlight
4. Playful Pets Puzzle

Gift Guide Items5. Love Mae Bamboo Meal Sets 
6. Atlas of Adventures 
7. Fairy House Kit 
8. Pick a Pine Tree

Gift Guide Items9. House Oekaki Drawing Board
10. Luciole et Petit Pois Gold Tutu Headband Box
11. Tutu du Monde Twinkle Twinkle Tutu Dress 
12. Handmade Dinosaur Crayons

Gift Items

13. Personalized Earflap Hats -
14. Modern Twist Silicone Coloring Placemat -
15. Dollhouse Art Print -
16. Pipsticks Monthly Membership -

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