LN Spotlight: Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes

Lemon Stripes

We are so excited to have this week's LN Tribe Spotlight be on Julia from the blog, Lemon Stripes. Get to know more about Julia below -

Where do you live? Apartment? House? 
What do you do professionally? 
Can you share your child’s name / ages / or when are you due? 
I have one daughter, Amalia. She is 9 months old
How would you describe your style? 
My home decor style is preppy, clean, and colorful. I think that people should have fun with their design. You don't have to follow any rules!
Where is your Little Nomad play mat in your house?
We turned our dining room into a playroom but left many of the design elements from the dining room which makes it look more elevated.
Lemon Stripes
What are three of your favorite nursery/playroom/decor pieces that share a room with your Little Nomad play mat? 
I love the Land of Nod bins for toy storage because they look nice and fit so many toys in them. I also love the crystal chandelier that was actually in my house growing up. We had it in the space when it was the dining room and decided just to leave it because why not! The last thing I love about the room is the matching Moroccan mirrors on either side of the window.
What has been the most challenging aspect of decorating your space? What about the most fun? 
I really wanted the room to look beautiful but be functional as a playroom. That is no easy task! Luckily the Little Nomad play mat totally made that possible.
Where was the last place you traveled? 
Sarasota, Florida for our first family vacation as a family of three!

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