LN Spotlight: Prism Autism Center

We are thrilled to have our latest LN Spotlight be on Rebecca Giammatti of Prism Autism. When we first met Rebecca we were so excited for Little Nomad to be a part of this amazing facility that she and her Co-Founder (and twin sister!), Rachael Coburn, created. 

What is our background and how did Prism come to be?

My Co-Founder Rachael Coburn and I have been involved in the treatment of children with autism for nearly 20 years now. After summer internships during Freshman year of undergraduate studies introduced us to this wonderful population, we knew we would never leave! After many years of providing intervention in home and school settings, we also wanted to create a center where very young children could come and receive their applied behavior analytic intervention (ABA). Prism Autism Center provides this space where, using scientifically-validated, naturalistic, play-based instruction, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and technicians work to remediate the core symptoms of autism.


Tell us a little bit about your school and services.
Due to the intensive nature of our programming, our clients spend large portions of each day, every day here. We wanted to replicate a more natural and comfortable environment. As we work with the very young, we play on the floor most of the day. The mats provide a soft, washable surface to play and learn on.

Who are your students that attend Prism? 
We serve children with autism aged 1-6 at our Center who require intensive services.

What drew you to Little Nomad play mats?
Unlike other foam mats, LN mats are not overstimulating, nor are they commercial looking. We want our client to focus on us and the intervention, and not be overly distracted by the decor.

How will the mats benefit your instructors/technicians? How does the decor affect your learning spaces?
The mats contribute to a beautiful, warm, welcoming environment for staff and clients alike, while also providing a more comfortable surface to play and learn on.

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