Mompreneurs who Inspire Me

Lately I've been hearing more and more success stories of Moms who started a business to solve a specific problem and I am so here for it! 

Here is a round up of five amazing Mom-founded businesses we think you'll love. 

1. Meaningful Jewelry 

Yearly Co. 

Sixty years ago Ann’s grandfather, Stewart Simonson, gave her grandmother, Mary Jane, a simple 14k gold bangle to commemorate their wedding anniversary. After Mary Jane passed, Stewart gifted her bangles to their children for them to continue the custom into their own marriages. Thus, a meaningful and lasting tradition was created. What started as an anniversary bangle tradition in Ann’s family has grown into celebrating the special events in your life with meaningful jewelry. 

2. Clutter Free Creative Play 

Swingly Doorway Playhouse

The Swingly Doorway Playhouse is a space-saving playhouse that's designed to fit within your doorway, transforming everyday doors into the most creative play spaces. Swingly kept all the fun and got rid of the mess - and there's nothing more inspiring than seeing a Mom take her idea to Kickstarter to get it off the ground!

3. The post-pandemic must have 


Created by two moms who came together to solve a problem that has existed for decades. Diaper changing tables in public restrooms are old, outdated and uncomfortable. These two Moms set out to change the table and make the public changing experience better for both children and caretakers. All babies deserve a safe and hygienic experience on a public restroom changing table - we can't wait to see this game changing product in public places everywhere!

4. Way better than fruit on a stick

Baked by Melissa

Melissa Ben-Ishay is a mom, baker, and founder of Baked by Melissa, the New York City-based brand famous for its signature, bite-size cupcakes and treats. Passionate about baking since childhood and with the idea that people should be able to taste more flavors without a post-dessert guilt trip, she decided to do what she loved and launched Baked by Melissa. I love it because its a perfect alternative to fruit on a stick for a next day delivery to celebrate any occasion! 

5. Representation Matters

HarperIman Dolls

Cynthia and Kathryn are a mother-daughter duo who are putting their hearts into creating dolls with meaning. These dolls are made with every skin color, showing girls and boys of all ethnicities that they are important. In regards to a lack of representation in the doll market, Cynthia and Katheryn write, “It is hard to be what you cannot see”. These dolls are the cutest and truly empowering for all of our little ones!

Comment below to share your favorite Mom founded businesses ~