Must-Haves for Baby Two!

Mama to one adorable little girl and our very own LN Tribe Leader, Elizabeth, is due with her second baby very soon (a BOY!)  We are helping her with her list of MUST-HAVES this time around.

Baby 2 Must Haves

1. Dock-a-Tot

I was lucky enough to discover this little dream before my third baby was born and boy was it a game changer. In my opinion, the best part of the DockAtot is the portability. It started in our bed when my daughter was first born. She slept in-between my husband and I (mind you, I had never co-slept IN the bed before). I loved having her so close but the bumpers on the DockAtot always kept her safe and protected. When she was a little older I moved the entire DockAtot inside her bassinet by our bed. Then, when it was time for her to move into her own room, I used the Dockatot to help transition her. It was seamless. We would bring it with us to travel as well. It really is a must have whether you are on baby #1 or #5!

2. New bibs and burp cloths 

Bibs and burp cloths are just one of those things you generally have too many of, always. BUT, they get gross and stained sometimes after only a few uses. I know I hung on to many of them way too long. So, why not toss the old and start fresh for your new baby. I love the old school cloth diapers for burp cloths (plus with the inexpensive price tag, you won't mind tossing). For bibs, I've fallen in love with the Little Unicorn brand. They're so soft and come in adorable prints. 

3. Double Stroller

Dare I even touch this subject?! Strollers have a tendency to bring out the wild in Moms. Everyone has their own take on their favorite strollers and there is something that happens when parents give their take. I personally think it all depends on where you live and how much you are using said stroller. The double stroller is in a league of it's own. My biggest recommendation for a double stroller is the BOB jogging stroller. Again, this is coming from a suburban living Mom of three. I realize this isn't going to necessarily be for the city folk (it's a bit of a beast) but having now traveled with it in the car and seeing it's versatility I can honestly say it's one of the best strollers I've owned. We even have a ride along board on the back making it a stroller for 3! I'm going to leave it at that!

4. Baby Carriers

Gosh, if there is anything I wish I could tell Mom's of multiple babes it would be to wear your baby as much as possible! It will save you! Having an older child who needs help with everything (or two kids) means you need two hands. When you have an infant, you can't just put them down. It's just reality. They want to be upright and held, on you and only you. In the early days, I prefer to wear a soft wrap or sling. I really love the Solly Baby wrap. It takes a few times to get the hang of wrapping it but don't get discouraged! It's really wonderful and your baby will love being so close to you. If you have back problems or find you have an older or heavier baby, you might just want to go right to a more structured carrier. In that case, the Ergo 360 is a no brainer. You can face baby in when he's tiny and as he gets older he can face out. The carriers are made so well and last forever. Check your local Mom's groups for a gently used one if you want to spend less. 

Baby 2 Must Haves

5. Dohm Noise machine

Not much I feel like I need to explain here. Help everyone sleep better by drowning out the noise of the baby crying and vice versa. Your house will sound like a small jet engine if you get enough of them but if everyone is sleeping, who really cares?!

6. Oeuf Layette

There's something really special about that going home from the hospital outfit. When it's your second baby, you quickly realize that your time in the hospital (or wherever you are) is really the last time it's just you and this baby. You are headed home to your first and the rest of the family. So, for me, I feel like this occasion needs to be marked with a special outfit just for your new bundle. It doesn't have to be expensive BUT if you are looking to splurge, look no further than Oeuf. Their clothes are impeccably made and outrageously soft. All my kids had at least one special piece to wear when they were young.

7. Motherlove Sitz Spray and Nipple cream

Motherlove is one of my fave brands-not only because I really appreciate the ingredients and brand but because the products are actually amazing. The sitz spray was a life saver after the birth of my second baby. I didn’t love the idea of an actual sitz bath (nor did I feel like I had the time to do that) so this spray was a perfect option. Their nipple cream is the only thing other than pure olive oil that I found successful to ease those early days/weeks of nursing/pumping. I highly recommend both end up in your hospital bag and on your bathroom shelf once home from the hospital.

8. Miracle Swaddle

You may have some swaddles leftover from your first baby but they get a lot of love and wear and tear so picking up a new one isn't a bad idea. I swear by the Miracle Swaddles. They make swaddling that new babe quick and easy! They're soft, cotton, breathable and truly hard for the babies to wiggle out.