So, You Want to Do a Cake Smash?

Cash Smash Photo Shoot

One of the most popular things to do these days for a baby's First Birthday is a cake smash photoshoot. We love the idea-and even better if you do it on your Little Nomad play mat (wink).

We asked one of our favorite photographers, Rachel Black from Rowanberry Lavender to give us some insider information and tips if a Cake Smash is something you want to do.

What are some of the tips you give parents who are planning to do a cake smash photo shoot? With you/a professional or at home. 

  • Keep things simple. No need to spend all the extra money on a extra backdrops and props.
  • Make sure if you make the cake the night before or pick it up from a bakery that it has reached room temperature before smashing. Nothing worse than a frozen cake and hard icing for your shoot!
  • Watch out for dyes and coloring in icing. You can achieve more color in the outfit and a simple backdrop or balloons rather than ruining that adorable outfit you've been planning on her/him wearing.
  • Additionally, and only a suggestion, try introducing cake a day or two before the shoot to your little one. I did not introduce my Son to sugary sweets until his first birthday so he was very hesitant. If the child arrives without having tasted cake before s/he may be a bit confused as to why you're plopping this giant round edible object in front of them.
  • And finally, schedule your smash well before any First Birthday celebration or party. The photos make for adorable decor for family and friends to peruse day of! 
Cake Smash Outfit
What attire do you recommend? Several outfits? Just a diaper cover?
I think diaper covers are adorable and simple and much easier for cleanup, however, if you're going with a specific theme, dress accordingly. Perhaps you have a particular headband you want to match? Parents can be sure to coordinate with the essential pieces. Otherwise, neutrals are better. Again, if you choose to do a color in the cake then choose complimentary colors or neutrals.
Cake Smash licking fingers yum
If you wanted to do a cake smash photo shoot in your home, do you recommend a certain location, lighting? Obviously on a Little Nomad play mat :)
Little Nomad play mats make clean up super easy with a quick wipe and with so many colors and variations you really have great options for your shoot and backdrop. Natural light! Outside is ideal for a DIY cake smash but facing a window with lots of light is best obviously when weather is not cooperating or during the colder months.
Do you recommend letting your baby have cake a couple times in advance of the shoot in case he/she doesn't like it or is even allergic?!
Yes, definitely trying a cake prior to the shoot is helpful. Kids may not like the taste at first while others will dive deep. A sneaky idea might be to hide some of their favorite snacks for them to dig and find inside the cake. If a child is allergic to gluten/dairy then a fruit or watermelon cake is a great alternative (can also be super cute for a Summer photoshoot).
Cake Smash licking fingers
In your opinion, why is the cake smash photo shoot such a trend? What do you like about it as a photographer?
What better way to celebrate a one year milestone? It's a fun and exciting experience for everyone. Plus, there's so much to celebrate-so much happens developmentally in that first year of life and deserves to be celebrated. We grow as parents as we watch our children graduate from rolling to crawling to walking and even maybe some babbles of words. Go ahead and celebrate because it is truly a momentous and exciting occasion!
Cake Smash Family
Anything else you want our readers to know?
Just a reminder to book your shoot well in advance if you are using a professional. And last but not least...jump in there with your child, let yourself enjoy the cake too! After all you made it this far raising this tiny beautiful human, so enjoy it!