Stylish Toy Storage Solutions

Stylish Storage Bin Options

Most parents can agree that with children comes "stuff". As those children grow, the amount of stuff has a tendency to grow as well. While we believe each toy or object should be thoughtful and useful, the reality is we all have much more than we'd like and we need places to store those things. It can sometimes be hard to find stylish baskets or bins that we are okay keeping out and in our shared living spaces.

We've rounded up some of our favorite storage bins that provide function without sacrificing style (they also happen to look pretty fantastic alongside a Roam Free play mat - hint hint wink wink).

Baby Jives Little Nomad Play Mats Storage Bins 

Baby Jives Basket

1) Bolga Market Baskets from Baby Jives

You might know Baby Jives because of their awesome line of mobiles but did you know they also have great baskets with a wide array of uses? I love the idea of keeping one stashed with all your baby's diapering tools by the changing table. I also love the thick handle, which I can envision being used by any child to tote around their toys from one room to another.

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Twig and Tassel Basket and ladder

2) Coiled Rope Storage Bins from Twig and Tassel

Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw these rope bins from Twig and Tassel. They're beautiful and functional. They are soft enough for a nursery but hold up enough to handle big kid toys in a playroom. They are proof that you can have beautiful decor items that are also totally functional in your living spaces.

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Maika Baskets

3) Recycled Canvas Buckets from Maika Goods

Not only are these buckets made from recycled canvas but they're multi-purposeful as well. We love that you can use them for storage in your home (for both large and small items) or even use them as ways to wrap and give a gift for someone else to use. We are in the thick of back to school and I love the idea of gifting a student a bucket filled with all new crayons, pencils, markers, etc...for them to keep on their desk at home.

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Bannor Toy Whale

4) Wooden Whale Toy Box from Bannor Toys

Bannor Toys makes beautiful wooden toys and furniture here in the U.S. out of the highest quality materials. We are talking organic wood, paint and finish! Not only are the materials high quality but the design and function of everything they make is spot on. As a parent, they are everything you look for in a toy company. We love their wooden toy storage bins. The shapes are simple and timeless and can easily go in any room of the home.

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