Who is Blogging at Little Nomad?

Jenn Blogger Little Nomad

Hi, I’m Jenn.

I’ll be heading up the LN blog so I wanted to take a second to introduce myself. It's nice to meet you!

Stuff about me.

I’m a Mom to three little babes ages 4 and under. I am a NYC transplant who wanted to come back to where I was born and raised in CT to see if I could hack it as a suburban Mom (seriously, car seats and no seamless web?! How does one survive!?).

How did I get involved with Little Nomad?

As it turns out, I am not the only one who has a passion for cool kids stuff and when I ordered my first Little Nomad play mat it was hand delivered by the Founder, Elizabeth! We live less than a mile away from each other. There was no way we were not destined to rule suburbia together, one play mat at a time.

What are a couple of my favorite items I’ve purchased/made for my kids’ spaces?

I have an obsession with finding small, local, homegrown companies that take pride in their creations.

I admit that I struggle with lots of bright colors all smushed together at once. So, when I saw this beautiful play kitchen I knew it would be perfect. It’s been one of my favorite toys for my daughter. It’s remained a staple in our playroom.

I love beautiful artwork and my Mother gifted my oldest daughter a painting of an adorable bunny by Kathy Cousart. It is something that she will have forever. Here is one that is similar.

This alphabet wood cutout is in my youngest daughters nursery and it was perfect since we didn’t know the gender for any of our babes and it fits in perfectly with my slight aversion to color!

Guilty pleasures?

Cold brew coffee, donuts, margaritas and puppies (babies too, but right now I have enough of them). You can also find me usually wearing something navy, striped, cream or black at all times. I am working on adding color.

The next place I’d like to travel-

I’d like to go back to Italy and bring my whole family. I studied abroad there and haven’t been back since.