Dwell August 2022

Hannah Yokoji, brand director at detergent brand 
The Laundress, is all about investing in quality products. It’s part of the reason why she’s stayed at The Laundress for over six years, having started at the company as an intern; she believes in and is unwaveringly passionate about the products, which are all formulated from plant-derived, biodegradable, and allergen-free ingredients. When I ask her what sets The Laundress apart from other cleaning brands in the market, Yokoji tells me the team is dedicated to "exceptional fabric care," a surprising twist of an answer since I was expecting her to mention something along the lines of soaping technology or cleaning innovations. To be certain, The Laundress is all those things and more, but the emphasis has always been on fabric care and education so that customers could make empowered decisions when it comes to keeping their clothes fresh while being as gentle on the earth as possible (hat tip: sign up for The Laundress newsletters, which are always chock full of cleaning tips).  

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