Ula driftwood neutral beige boho play mat with toddler sitting on the mat playing with a wooden toy

Play Mats

Built For Them. Designed For You.

The play mat that started it all. Complement your room's decor while creating a safe, easy-to-clean play space for your little one.


    Baby Play Mats

    The most beautiful baby play mat ever. Each House of Noa foam play mat is designed by hand to look like a beautiful rug and blend seamlessly into your floor and home. Choose from a variety of different colors, including our best-selling light gray boho playmat or our brown animal print playmat. Each foam play mat has tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces, which makes it easy for you to create the nursery or child’s dream bedroom of your dreams.

    Tummy Time Mats

    All of our house of noa baby play mats are made with premium quality, non-toxic EVA foam and printed top film layer, so they’re the perfect tummy time mat for babies. And, as your baby grows, our playmat will grow with them. This baby mat will transition easily into a toddler and kids play mat for rolling and crawling. Rearrange the mat puzzle piece tiles or add more to expand the soft padded play mat. And when we say soft, we mean soft. Each playmat is 0.47 inches /1.2cm thick, so it's easy on your knees and a soft landing for little tumbles.

    We know that having a new baby comes with lots of messes, and so we built our play mats for easy cleanup and care. Each baby play mat is made with wipe-clean foam, so it’s easy to care for so you can spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying life. Big messes? No problem.

    Shark Tank Play Mats

    You may recognize our playmats from Shark Tank when our fearless leader pitched our beautiful baby play mats to the sharks! Ever wonder what happened to Little Nomad Play Mats after Shark Tank? We’ve come a long way! We’ve expanded our brand under the House of Noa and now offer a range of beautiful, practical products designed and inspired by real life.