Care & Safety - Tumbling Mats 3Y+


  • Wipe up spills as they happen with a dry cloth.
  • Use mild dish soap and water to clean your mat. Dry completely before use.
  • While most spills can wipe up easily with our cleaning instructions, cases of extreme dirt, paint spills and other heavily pigmented items may stain your mat and should be avoided.
  • Can handle normal foot traffic and play, but pet claws and other pointed or sharp objects should be avoided, as they may permanently damage or disfigure the mats.
  • Clean before first use.
  • Not for outdoor use - avoid direct sun exposure.


  • For children 3Y+. Use with adult supervision.
  • Never leave a child unattended. Always use with adult supervision.
  • Before each use, inspect the product. 
  • Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. 
  • Not intended for gymnastics or sports-related activities.
  • Do not leave the zipper open as children can crawl inside the bag and suffocate. 
  • Keep away from fire/heat. This product should not be used near sources of ignition. 
  • Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep packaging bag away from babies and children.
  • Do not use plastic covering in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. The plastic covering is not a toy.

We take your child’s safety very seriously. You can read more about our product safety info here.