Our Story

My Inspiration

"I started Little Nomad when my daughter was just 5 months old but the idea came long before that. I had my "AH-HA moment" when my super stylish BFF invited me over to check out her new home. She's got great taste and is one of the most stylish Mamas I know -- which is why I was shocked to see circus colored foam mats all over the floor in her otherwise gorgeous living room!

My struggle to get pregnant left me feeling (mistakenly) that I had no place creating a baby product. Having my little girl gave me the courage to turn my idea into a reality and my daughter has been my motivation every day since."

hugs, Elizabeth

Our Journey

Designed exclusively for Little Nomad by Designer and Illustrator, Sophia Vincent Guy, the Heirloom Collection was our flagship pattern and is adored by moms who love the timeless look that is reminiscent of an heirloom rug.

We launched our signature product, the Roam Free™ Play Mat, on Kickstarter, in May 2016 (click here to see our campaign)

Little Nomad Journey Timeline 1

Swimming with the Sharks

With my husband and daughter by my side, I had the opportunity to pitch to the Shark’s on ABC's Shark Tank - an absolute dream come true. The episode first aired in February 3, 2017 and brought national attention to the brand - something we are still growing from and so incredibly grateful for! Click here to read more about my experience in the tank.