Care Instructions

  • To attach your rug to the floor, locate the corner grippers on the underside of the rug. Remove the clear protective film to reveal the sticky side and affix to the floor. Cleaning your floor prior will allow for better, longer-lasting grip.
  • To spot clean the rug surface, use a clean sponge or cloth with mild soap or a fabric stain remover.
  • Before washing your rug in the washing machine, carefully remove the four velcro corners from the grippers. Do not wash the grippers in the washing machine.
  • To remove the grippers from the floor, slowly peel back from one end and wash with water. Let dry and reapply.
  • Machine washable in most modern, standard-sized, front-load washing machines, with the exception of the 5.5' x 8'. Wash the largest size in a large capacity washer.
  • Wash rug in cold water on gentle cycle. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER - simply lay flat to dry.
  • Use mild detergent and never use harsh chemicals such as bleach.