A Mat for Every Home

There's so much to love about our Roam Free play mats (if we say so ourselves) but the greatest feature is how beautiful they can look in ANY home. It's not an exaggeration. The patterns and colors somehow manage to fit in any home. 

Don't believe us? Take a look at these photos of different homes and how the mats look in each one! It's amazing to see how beautiful they all look. 

Silver Lining Play Mat

Photos above by Brook Brady Photography

1) The neutral tones of our Feather and Silver Lining play mats blend in with any room decor while each unique pattern adds an interesting design element to any nursery or play room. 

A mat for every home

2) Our play mats add that extra level of softness to any play room. Layer with pillows, bean bags, and poofs for the ultimate safe and soft play area. Photo by @littlekourtney

3) Our Dusk Play Mat blends in nicely with textured wood floors - even in the kitchen area! Photo by @frills_and_drills

4) Expand your play mat for wall-to-wall coverage for a full-on carpet replacement. Need something really custom to fill all those nooks and crannies? It's possible, we did it! Photo by @ michelermahoney

5) Living areas are where we spend much of our time with our little ones. Don't detract from your chic decor with any old play mat. Instead, compliment it! Photo by @fiona.mah

Dusk Play mat for every home

6) Layer your play mat under a rug for an extra boho look. How cute is this family?!! Photo by @alexisjadekaiser

A mat for every home

7) It can be tricky to decorate a small space but having the ability to make the mat much smaller (or larger) allows for creating the perfect play spot. Just enough space to practice tummy time. Photo by @little_nomad_

Are you loving the way your Roam Free play mat looks in your home? We’d love to see it and possibly feature it on our next home style blog post - send your photos to Hello@little-nomad.com for consideration. 

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