DIY: Wooden Name Sign

DIY letter flowers on play mat

There's nothing better than coming across something you love and figuring out a way to make it yourself. Even better if it's easy and not terribly pricey!

We've had our eyes on the adorable wooden name signs that seem to be floating around the interwebs for awhile now. They're both rustic and whimsical and can be used as decor for a nursery/bedroom or even for a party! We made our own name sign embellished with silk flowers and love the way it turned out.

silk flower wooden letter sign

Here's how to make one yourself!

1. Buy some wood letters. We found plenty on Etsy but the most inexpensive we found were at our local Michaels craft store.

2. Find your favorite silk flowers/leaves to embellish the letters. You can find many online but any local craft store will sell them too. We found that the smaller ones work better and you're able to place several of them together to make a beautiful look. You don't want to put on too many that you lose the actual shape of the letter.

3. You will have to trim the flowers from the stems. You can pull off the flower or use scissors. Some are easier to remove than others.

4. Using a basic glue gun, glue each flower/petal/leaf around the letter. It looks nice to do small groups in different corners of each letter. Less is more!

5. VOILA! You can hang your letters easily using these velcro picture hanging strips.