Hello from New England

We'll be donating 10 diapers per order thru Sunday night to Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby has been working around the clock to provide essential items like diapers, wipes, formula, blankets, hygiene items, school supplies and more to children impacted by COVID-19. 
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We got the team together (remotely) to see what everyone was up to and how they’re giving back right now. Here’s what they told us:

I'm reading Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I'm watching Outlander (Netflix) no spoilers please! and The Outsider (HBO)

I'm listening to Vermont2020 (Spotify Playlist) Built by all of my besties for recent ski(or don't ski) trip

I'm finally Building my chicken coop! 

I'm trying To do yoga every day - shout out to Yoga With Adriene on YouTube!

What I'm doing to help

I'm checking in with family over the phone more than ever before. I've reached out to neighbors on NextDoor to see if they need any supplies. I've donated to Wolf Hollow (non profit) who can no longer take visitors but still needs to feed their ambassadors.

Favorite House of Noa Product in my home:  30x72 Marine NamaMat  - The dog loves it! He thinks its his bed for the kitchen 😂

I'm reading The Warsaw Protocol by Steve Berry

I'm watching The Mandalorian (again) + all the Marvel movies (Disney+)

I'm listening to “Somewhere On A Beach" + Jimmy Buffet Radio (Spotify)

I'm finally Riding my motorcycle in the NH cold and snow!!

I'm trying Not wearing pajamas everyday while I work from home

What I'm doing to help

Staying isolated and not leaving the house. Donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation - a first responders fund I recently found online

Favorite House of Noa Product in my home:  20x32 Sand NamaMat  - Comfy cooking time! 

I'm reading Cook books for new recipes 

I'm watching The Stranger (Netflix)

I'm listening to Yacht Rock! (Spotify)

I'm finally Catching up on some sewing

I'm trying Not to watch the news :)

What I'm doing to help

Trying to make surgical masks for people who need them

Favorite House of Noa Product in my home:  Roam Free Play Mat in Sand Castle - Perfect for my grandson who’s still a bit wobbly!

I'm reading Kennedy Babylon by Howie Carr

I'm watching Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) + Better Call Saul (Netflix)

I'm listening to Hot Country (Spotify) 

I'm finally Painting the bedroom 🙌🏽

I'm trying not to Watch sad movies, and to remain positive.

What I'm doing to help

Calling family members and making sure they have what they need. Leaving large tips on take out from our local restaurants.

Favorite House of Noa Product in my home:  Everly Petite Skipping Stone - Perfect portable play space for when my granddaughter visits

I'm reading Elin Hilderbrand - Barefoot

I'm watching Versailles (Netflix)

I'm listening to "Alexa play Country music!"

I'm finally Working on my 1000 piece puzzle with my children who are back home from college

I'm trying Staying active with in home workouts (thanks to my trainer who's gone digital!) 

What I'm doing to help

Picking up groceries for my neighbor and exchanging Purell for tomato sauce (Oregon Trail style 😂)

Favorite House of Noa Product in my home:  20x32 Seaside NamaMat - Makes washing dishes so much more comfortable

I'm reading The Source by Tara Swart

I'm watching Love is Blind (Netflix)

I'm listening to Jesus take the wheel 😂

I'm finally Using our home gym (loving @MelissaWoodHealth)

I'm trying to be patient while homeschooling our 4 year old

What I'm doing to help

My family was gifted 100 face masks - I’ll be donating them to my local hospital.

Favorite House of Noa Product in my home:  Everly Classic Jardin - Spring picnics in the yard!

I'm reading The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides

I'm watching Westworld (HBO)

I'm listening to The Lumineers (Spoitfy)

I'm finally Cleaning out the garage 

I'm trying to learn guitar with my son Everett - This is the Guitar we've picked up and we're using Guitar for Kids Method & Songbook

What I'm doing to help

Supporting local brick + mortar businesses. Donating $$ to those affected by the pandemic. Picked up delivery take out for quarantined neighbors!

Favorite House of Noa Product in my home:  Everly Classic Seaside - This worked perfect as a blanket during our recent trip to Florida. 

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