LN Spotlight: Meet the Gals of Curated Nest + Giveaway

Girls of Curated Nest

As most of you know by now (if you don't check out our last post), we are running one of the most epic giveaways ever (ending tomorrow) with the gals over at the Curated Nest.

Not only does the giveaway include some major swoon worthy items to gussy up any nursery/playroom/office BUT it also includes credit to use towards working with these talented gals.


How was Curated Nest born?

We met 6 weeks after we both had baby boys over chips and salsa at a Mom Group lunch in Brooklyn. Both being interior designers and (frazzled!) first time moms, we immediately clicked. We had complimentary taste and a similar vision for what nursery and kids spaces should feel like, so it was easy to progress from friends to business partners.

Are there certain questions you ask or things you look for when the process of designing a space begins?

We want to know about the space (measurements, desired function) and what the client’s vision is. In reality though, our job as designers is to read between the lines – it’s our job to interpret what our client is saying or what they show as inspiration photos, and translate that into a cohesive design.

Because of this, it’s very important to us to have a one-on-one via phone or video chat with our client, even though it’s technically an “online” service offering. We want to hear their voice! It may take longer than a written questionnaire, but it allows us to provide better service resulting in a customized room that it's tailored to their lifestyle.

Curated Nest Shelves of Accessories

What are some of your favorite pieces in the LNHQ space?

The LN mats, of course! The pattern is stunning and the whole mat looks like a rug. Plus it’s soft and super safe for babies. Besides that…

We love the eclectic mix of the rustic wood wall and the neon LN sign. It incorporates the overall boho aesthetic, which always mixes lots of textures, and adds a fun focal point for her Little Nomad logo (you can never go wrong with neon pink!).

We also had fun with bright, happy pillows. The embroidered animal pillows are handmade made in India with the richest colors and are perfect for a playroom. We specifically picked animals that “roam” to go with Elizabeth’s Roam Free mats. 

Another fave are the macramé wall hangings. They add tons of texture and even a little bling with the gold sequins. These are a perfect nod to boho style.

Finally, the swing chair. It represents the essence of playfulness through the freedom to swing and spin about, which is what I would want in a playroom for my kids. And it creates a safe, cozy little area to snuggle up with a book. One of my fave moments was seeing Elizabeth’s friend cuddling in it with her sleeping baby.

Hanging Chair, Desk with Neon Sign, Elephant

Can you share a few tid bits of advice for someone starting from scratch and looking to transform their space on their own?

First, figure out what you want the room to “feel” like and write down some words that describe that feeling. That’s a good jumping off point for picking color and style.

As it’s a visual experience, we like using tools (Pinterest, you know it) to get ideas when creating a design from scratch.

Mix textures and finishes! Designers don’t believe in matchy-matchy, so have fun with it. In a playroom, make sure that the aesthetic goes hand in hand with plenty of hidden storage-to hide all of those Sesame Street toys!

Make yourself a budget and make sure to measure your space! It’s no fun when you get something delivered and it doesn’t fit. Or once you buy the furniture you realize you have no budget left for décor. Décor ends up costing more than everyone thinks (includes bedding, art, wallpaper / paint / decals, window treatments, rugs, accessories, storage bins, mobile, lighting, pillows, etc.)

Final advice – if you’re busy and overwhelmed, contact us! We're fun people and you can't have too many Mama friends!

How is Curated Nest different from other interior design companies?

Curated Nest offers the full package of both retail and interior design. Our retail store is online, and our signature offering is our Curated Rooms. We also offer online interior design services for nurseries (our specialty!), toddler rooms, and playrooms. 

Having had a full service interior design firm for 10 years, we realized that when it comes to nurseries, it’s a special and unique time in parents lives, and they don’t necessarily want to pass along the design to a firm. Yet, it can be overwhelming going at it alone when you’re expecting.

Our goal is to serve as the design eye AND the mom eye to our customers. We literally kick the tires on all the products we sell, and vet them for safety and other additional benefits (eco-friendly, organic, multi-function, etc.) We make parents’ lives easier by acting like both that mom friend you go to for recommendations (it really does take a village), but also the design professional that’s in tune of the millennial “way” of shopping – online, easy, price transparency, customizable, and good value.

Who is a Curated Nest client?

Our typical client is a mom-to-be (first or second time) who is working or otherwise very busy. She wants to create a special space for her little one(s) but doesn’t have the time to sift through a bunch of websites. She cares about style and individuality and doesn’t want a matching set from a chain store. So she comes to Curated Nest and either asks for something entirely custom (online services), or finds what she needs through our Curated Rooms. It’s easy because it’s online, stylish, and the pricing is transparent. Plus, we’re really friendly mamas just like you.

If you want to learn more, check out their website here.

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