Mommy + Me Paint Night

Being mostly indoors during the winter my two children look to me to set them up with a new project. After viewing a friend's recent Instagram story and how beautiful a painting she and her daughter created I was inspired to give this fine art collaboration a shot!

Here's what you need to get started -


  • Standard #2 Pencil
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolors + Watercolor brushes
  • Frame (with matte preferred) 
  • Wipe clean Everly Activity Mat (optional)

Step One: Pencil to Paper

Encourage your child to begin to draw loops and swirls with a pencil for that minimalist abstract look. This may seem a bit drab (and not their color of choice), but it's a great foundation, and it will give the art a more mature look in the end - you'll see! Let your child try a few different designs then choose which one fits your style. 

Step Two: It's Mommy's (or Daddy's) Turn!

Now it's your turn to collaborate! Break out your watercolor paints and begin to fill in the shapes your little artist has rendered.

Remember - there's no wrong way to make art!

Step Three: Clean Up

To clean up, use a wet paper towel or washcloth. Our Everly Activity Mats are completely waterproof, which means you can wipe up leftover paint with a quick swipe. We've even used a garden hose on our mat when outdoors!

Pro Tip: If you're working on a dry craft like beading, sensory tables, or cutting paper, you can pull together all four corners of your mat to form a 'basket shape.' Then, you can bring all your scraps to the trash bin and dump them in!

Step Four: Frame & Hang 

Place your painting in a frame of your choice (we prefer a frame that comes with a matte - it gives it that extra sophisticated look). Then find a spot for all to admire! These paintings look great in a series and also make a thoughtful gift! 

Looking for a wipe clean activity mat?

The Everly Activity Mat we used during our painting was Pisces (in the larger 50” x 72” size, but it's also available in 48" square!). You can find all of our Everly Activity Mats in different colors and sizes here.