When Your Living Room is also a Play Space

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Most city folks will tell you that finding a balance between their living spaces and their children's play spaces is a real struggle. The same space that often needs to entertain adults, appear clean and put together is ALSO the space where babies and children spend most of their time playing! (Hence the genius idea of Little Nomad play mats!)

But, we'd be lying if we said it was truly only about a beautiful play mat. It's also about a lot of the other items in your living spaces that can define a play space for your child. You need them to be functional AND not horrendously ugly that you just want to hide them.

We've rounded up some items that we love here at Little Nomad that not only pair well with your play mat but are also created by some awesome folks doing what they love too.

1. Milton and Goose Kitchen

The folks at Milton and Goose have perfected the play kitchen for children. It is the safest and most stylist play kitchen you are going to find (trust me, I looked!) It makes adults envious that their kitchens don't look this good!

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This and That ABC Puzzle

2. This and That, Etc...

If you are on the hunt for puzzles and games that are truly beautiful, look no further. I didn't even realize they were made for children when I first saw them. These are puzzles that can stay out on your coffee table for all to enjoy.

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Tnees Tpees

3. Tnee's Teepees

Teepees are definitely having their time to shine these days but you can't think of a children's teepee without thinking of Tnee's Teepees. They are the most beautifully made, easy on the eyes play tents. Pair one of these with your Little Nomad play mat and you will be on your way to the dreamiest play space.

Promo Code: NOMAD for 10% off

4. Two Tiny Sunshines

If you could dream up the perfect imaginary play set up you would have to include the stuff from Two Tiny Sunshines. We are obsessed with their campfire setup (complete with marshmallows for pretend toasting). Check out their Etsy shop for all their amazing play time goodies.

Promo Code: CAMPOUT15 for 15% Off




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