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The 11 Very Best Play Mats for Babies and Kids

Best overall play mat for toddlers

For older kids who simply need a protective surface to play or learn to crawl on, foam floor mats are your best bet. House of Noa makes play mats that resemble rugs. Instead of being one piece, though, they are made of two-foot square jigsaw tiles that seamlessly interlock and are expandable. The brand’s mat comes recommended by several experts and parents, including former Babylist editor-in-chief Rebekah Otto and Neuman, who describes it as “a durable foam mat that has the look of a beautifully patterned rug.” In other words, it’s a great option for parents who want a more subtle mat in their living spaces. According to publicist Alisa Richter, “It’s aesthetically pleasing, and there’s a great selection of patterns and colors that blend in with most décor.” 

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