The Strategist June 2024

A screenshot of an article from The Strategist titled "The Best Kitchen Mats, According to Home Cooks and Bakers" featuring the House of Noa Nama Standing Mat in Basil

The Best Kitchen Mats, According to Home Cooks and Bakers

Unless you’ve worked in a professional kitchen — or perhaps fancy you could after binge-watching The Bear — you might be wondering what exactly a kitchen mat is. It’s not a baking mat, one of those handy Silpat mats that go on top of sheet pans when making cookies. Instead, it’s a cushiony, cloudlike mat that home cooks and professional chefs alike place in high-traffic areas in their kitchen to support their feet and backs while spending hours in front of the sink and stove. (Not to mention that it protects floors from ingredient stains.)

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