Fawn neutral beige animal print baby play mat. Close up shot of square tile.
Fawn neutral beige animal print baby play mat. Shown from above with Mom and baby reading with 1 tile exposed.
Fawn neutral beige animal print baby play mat shown in nursery with crib and rocker
Fawn neutral beige animal print baby play mat shown with baby petting dog
Fawn neutral beige animal print baby play mat. Moving GIF image shot from above with hand wiping up food spill.
Fawn neutral beige animal print baby play mat shown in nursery with mom, dog, and baby playing with toys.
Fawn neutral beige animal print baby play mat. Shown in size 4x6 with 1 tile separated.

Little Nomad Play Mat | Fawn

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A classic nature inspired print, reimagined. With its hand-painted scattered spots and warm chestnut undertones, our playmat in Fawn's whimsical design is sure to bring a cozy, charming feeling to any room. The easy-to-clean, premium EVA foam makes it a soft, safe, and perfect landing pad for kids and families alike. If your friends mistake this baby play mat for a chic new rug, we won’t correct them if you don’t.

Brown features light umber browns with warm undertones, a flexible neutral for any decor. 

Dimensions & Details

  • Dimensions: 24.8" x 24.8” per tile
  • Thickness: 0.47”  
  • Imported 

What We Stand For

  • Safe for baby with premium quality, non-toxic EVA foam and printed top film layer
  • Tested to show no harmful phthalates
  • Lead free
  • Free from PVC, formaldehyde, latex
  • Water resistant surface makes it easy to wipe clean
  • Expandable to fit every room and space 

Tested for Peace of Mind

  • Exceeds ASTM F963 - US Toy Safety standards 
  • Exceeds EN71 - EU Toy Safety Testing standards
  • CPSIA Compliant


    • Wipe up spills with a dry cloth.
    • Use mild dish soap and water to clean your mat. Dry completely.
    • Can handle normal foot traffic, but sharp objects like high heels or pet claws can damage the mat. Prolonged use of heavy furniture or gym equipment may leave a permanent indent in your mat.
    • Do not allow water/moisture to become trapped under the mat. When cleaning your floors, please ensure that the floor is completely clean and dry before replacing the mat.
    • Do not clean with a power vacuum cleaner as it may damage the surface of the mat.
    • Clean before first use.
    • Not for outdoor use.
    • Avoid direct sun exposure.


    Warning - never leave children unattended. Always use with adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product. Throw away at the first sign of damage or product weakness.

    In the event that the printed film separates from the foam, please immediately discontinue use of the product, discard the affected tiles, and submit a warranty claim here.

    We take your child’s safety very seriously. You can read more about our product safety info here.

    Returns & Exchanges

    We believe in friendly returns, so we offer full refunds on unopened and unused products (minus a $30 return shipping/restocking fee per box shipped) within 30 days of purchase. Want to exchange instead? No problem, and we’ll take care of the shipping fee.


    Our 365 Day Warranty comes free with all products. 

    Read more about our Return & Exchange Policy and Warranty here.

    Play Mat Size Chart

    Little Nomad Play Mats are comprised of deluxe 2ft x 2ft tiles which each include edging bonders for a truly rug-like look. Our expandable tiles fit any room so you pick a size to fit your play space perfectly - or expand in the future.

    4 x 6

    Includes six (6) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and twelve (12) edging bonders.

    4 x 6 size

    4 x 8

    Includes eight (8) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and sixteen (16) edging bonders.

    4 x 8 size

    6 x 8

    Includes twelve (12) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and twenty-four (24) edging bonders.

    6 x 8 size

    8 x 8

    Includes sixteen (16) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and thirty-two (32) edging bonders.

    8 x 8 size

    8 x 10

    Includes twenty (20) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and forty (40) edging bonders.

    8 x 10 size

    8 x 12

    Includes twenty-four (24) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and forty-eight (48) edging bonders.

    8 x 12 size

    10 x 12

    Includes thirty (30) 2 ft x 2 ft tiles and sixty (60) edging bonders.

    10 x 12 size


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1494 reviews
    Molly D.
    A 1,000 times yes

    Yes yes yes. Buy this. Not the knockoff one off Amazon. Trust me you won’t regret it. Don’t make my mistakes.

    Emily Berardino
    Love it!

    Love this play mat. Really pretty and provides a great cushion for my little one who’s just learning to sit. Also love how it’s water proof. She spits up a lot while doing tummy time so this has been amazing that I can just wipe it up.

    So beautiful and high quality!

    This play mat is exactly what our living room was lacking. I love the aqua color and how stylish it looks. You literally have to look up close to even realize it’s a play mat. This Emile design is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are just the pop of color my living room was needing. The kids also love the mat. It’s especially been great for my little 7 mo. old, as he is scooting and rolling everywhere. It’s so comfy, and perfect to sit down on to play with the kids. I’m also amazed by the quality so far. It seems resilient, even to the dog nails. We got a 6x8 for a pretty big living room. I love that the size can be adjusted. I think I will get a matching standing mat for my kitchen, and possibly even one for the high chair. Definitely recommend!!

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    Fawn Brown Little Nomad Play Mat shown in nursery with baby playing with rattles

    Exceeds Safety Standards

    Safe For Baby

    Room To Grow

    Expandable Designs

    Fawn Brown Little Nomad Play Mat shown in baby nursery with crib and rocking chair

    Parenting With Style

    Play Mats. Grown Up.


    Meet Elizabeth

    Photo of House of Noa founder Elizabeth sitting in a room with the Little Nomad Play Mat in Ula Oat